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This currently may not work in Internet Explorer!
Chrome, Firefox and Safari are known to work (non-mobile varieties anyway).


Why are we using Google Sign-In? Google Sign-In is easier and more secure than asking MH users to create new accounts with username/passwords that have to be verified individually. The sort of information provided to MH is the same as what is sent if you sent an email from Gmail: name, email address, profile image and your user ID. It lets the site know that you really are that Google user and helps to let MH remember your preferences/settings across multiple devices that are logged into the same Google account. Using Google Sign-In isn't required to participate in enjoying MH but is required for certain restricted activities like scheduling movies. Pressing the Sign-In button above for the first time will have Google show you exactly what sort of information is shared with MH before you commit to signing-in. At any point you can go into your Google account and deauthorize MH from having your profile information in the future.